TAG RANCH is a 501 (c) (3) designated non profit foundation, As such, your venue + table rental fees become a tax deductible donation to our cause.

The mission of the TAG Ranch & Foundation is to provide for the youth of Utah and beyond a safe, educational and life-enhancing environment to develop skills that make for more productive, confident and compassionate adults. Kids are our hope for a more caring and compassionate future. In their unbridled passion for life, with their creativity and imagination, they are the resource for making lives better. These fundamental beliefs underscore the dream to create a ranch for the next generation.

TAG Ranch is a place that enables The Authentic Generation to learn life-lasting skills like responsibility, leadership and teamwork. In playing and working in a nurturing and safe environment, kids will develop self-confidence and grow into healthy, caring adults.

TAG Ranch is a working ranch for kids 8-12. Its premise is simple, but its impact is great. Kids will play and work on a “real” ranch. Child obesity will be positively addressed with healthy eating and exercise. The technology savvy generation will learn to play and let their imagination rule the day. All kids will be winners on the field, find their innate ability to express themselves artistically, and learn the power of responsibility when they are charged with caring for a horse, participating in the team dynamic, all within the freedom and safety of the ranch.